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Woodley’s new EP ‘Woodley’ is here for you! Listen, Enjoy, Share (via the sharing buttons above the eye ball lips…aren’t those wild? Erica made ’em for me! Seriously, good or bad, just share what you feel about my music out there in the internet!), eat a comforting pb+j while you’re at it (unless your allergic…just listen, enjoy and comment in that case)

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Track Listing of Woodley EP

  1. Pressed Together
  2. Manic
  3. Good Riddance
  4. All In My Head

The 4 songs on the EP were chosen as they flow through the different stages of love.

Pressed Together is a reflection on short-term, idyllic love.

Manic is about going through a difficult time in a relationship and losing faith in yourself.

Good Riddance ends the relationship. It’s the hard found truth, in yourself and your partner.

All In My Head is the final questioning and realization that allows the character, me, in the story to move on.



woodley ep

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